The Beat of the Heart is a feature length documentary film by Jeremy Frindel exploring the revolutionary work of music therapist Brian Schreck. Based at the Norton Cancer Institute in Louisville, Brian has been recording the heartbeats of cancer patients to incorporate into a unique musical composition written with the patients and/or their families. Just as each individual’s heartbeat is unique, each musical composition becomes a celebration of the individual beauty and spirit of each of the patients involved.

The film will follow closely several patients through their treatment process, exploring how Brian’s unique therapeutic approach can change the way people interact with illness, and navigate through the complicated trajectory of their diagnoses. Brian’s work offers a rarely seen window into some of the most challenging aspects of dealing with a serious illness, as he works to bring moments of beauty and celebration in the midst of intense suffering and grief. And in the process providing the family with an ongoing beautiful piece of their loved ones: their strong heart continuing to beat through a piece of music that mirrors life and connects with their presence and never ending love.

Through Brian’s work and the stories that unfold with the patients we follow, the film will be a portrait and meditation upon how we walk through the journey of illness and potentially into the end of life. Exploring how we can bring intention and creativity to the process of living with illness, and finding peace and joy in the darkness of the unknown.